Tracking the shift from volume to value in healthcare

The increasing cost of healthcare in the United States has accelerated the adoption of value-based medicine, which shifts a portion of the financial risk from the payer to the provider. This report, driven by a partnership between Capgemini Consulting and Omnicom Health Group, summarizes seminal research conducted across 866 physicians to better understand how providers are responding to the emerging value-based environment.

As providers develop new organizational structures to achieve their clinical and business goals, their needs continue to evolve. This study reveals how provider needs have changed, including now rating Real-World Evidence (RWE) as the most important data informing their prescribing decisions. The impact of these changes is significant, meaning the role and expectations of the pharmaceutical industry will need to evolve as well, in order to keep pace.

The insights uncovered in this research help provide initial guidance on developing a robust plan to meet the changing needs of your customers.

As providers take on more financial risk...

Provider Landscape

Organized Provider Care Delivery Models

Alternative Payment Models

....they are changing the way they make decisions...


Real World Evidence /
Patient Outcomes Data


Clinical Trial Data


National Treatment



...meaning pharmaceutical companies must redefine how they engage with these customers
Organized Provider Communication Channel Preferences

Percent of respondents who anticipated relying on pharma for information on guidelines and quality metrics

So how should pharma respond?

Embrace Triple Aim

Speak the language
of quality and RWE

Invest in digital


Will Rose

Managing Consultant,
Capgemini Consulting

Shiraz Hasan

Vice President,
Capgemini Consulting

Christina Kim

Senior VP Data Solutions,
Omnicom Health Group

Jo Ann Saitta

Chief Digital Officer,
Omnicom Health Group